About Us

Naftoprojekt Polska Sp. z o.o. is a design office working in the field since 2005. The goal of our enterprise is to provide intricate design services for investment projects associated with transmission, storage and distribution of petroleum, natural gas and liquid fuels.

Design is the art of adapting technological solutions to the individual needs and expectations of a client, in accordance with legal regulations and ground conditions.

The company?s significant advantages are:
  • excellent knowledge of the field,
  • experience of the workers,
  • innovative approach,
  • modern technologies aiding the design process.

Naftoprojekt Polska puts stress on knowledge, reliability, flexibility and efficiency of the group of professionals constituting the design team.

Here, designers with years of experience are working together with young technical college graduates. This consciously taken step allows us to combine excellent training with an innovative approach and modern technologies in the search for solutions to technical issues.